5 Mince Pies, 4 gold coins, 3 sausage rolls, 2 candy canes and a stollen ready for tea.

If this is the official “12 days” soundtrack of your Christmas, you are not alone! For ‘tis the season to stuff one’s face, rejoice in naff (and occasionally decent) presents and drink in excess without an ounce of guilt. December – a green card to expanding waistlines.

But alas, as Christmas day draws to boozy close, there is nothing to stop New Year rearing its ugly head? With the promise (or threat?) of resolutions we are destined to break and an overflowing sack full of guilt to boot, the January blues are here to wake us up unapologetically from our self-induced food comas.

2014 has undoubtedly been the year of the gym buffs and protein pushers. In a survey of over 2000 gym-goers conducted in August ’14, there was a reported 62% rise in the number of women working out 5 days a week. This huge spike is also exemplified in the expansion of the industry as a whole – Fitness First has reported its highest membership levels ever alongside an announcement that budget sports retailer, Sports Direct, are to open their first fitness club in December with membership costing a measly £5.00 a month!

The cause of this huge increased interest in fitness is largely down to clever celebrity endorsed marketing from leading fitness nutrition brands and our obsession with social media trends. The practice of popping hormone boosters and downing protein punches were previously only associated with extreme gym drones; somewhat ridiculed and alienated by the masses. However, by utilising celebrity icons and their power to influence, sports nutrition companies have been able to normalise these rituals and make them appear “trendy”; tweetable, shareable and something definitely to be instagramed.

Reality TV stars such as the cast of the Only Way is Essex, famed for their narcissistic appearance-based tendencies, collectively have a public outreach in the millions. By supplying fitness supplements to these popular culture figures, young viewers who idolise and aspire to be like their favourite Essex celeb, simply emulate their behavior by purchasing the same, readily available protein powders.

So how can we recover from our Yule log laden binges over this festive period? Hit the gym and check out the latest tips and advice on our favourite health and fitness app,  Watchfit.