Buckworths welcome lion cub to office

Buckworths welcome lion cub to office

Buckworths have pleasure in announcing a new addition to their team. Today, in keeping with their corporate image, the firm welcomed a lion cub to its London offices. Hamish the Lion has his own enclosure in the main lobby and is being trained to accompany the lawyers to meetings as a firm mascot.

Hamish has so far been hugely popular with staff and clients. HR manager, Sue Perkins explains the rationale: “There is an increased focus on staff satisfaction and providing an attractive working environment for employees. It is much more common for businesses to have office pets, particularly in the startup community. We wanted to capitalize on our fantastic offices by introducing a slightly more unusual pet.”

In welcoming Hamish into the London office, Buckworths aim to highlight the plight of wild animals throughout the world. There has been much coverage in the press about the danger to elephants and rhinos in the wild, but big cats are also threatened. The firm hopes that having a lion cub in the office will help clients reconnect with their wild side and take steps to protect rare and protected species worldwide.

Hamish was born at Warwickshire Safari Park outside of Stratford-upon-Avon but was rejected by his mother. After a local appeal for a home for the cub, Buckworths stepped in to adopt him. “We saw the appeal to #Home4Hamish and couldn’t resist. The safari park inspected our offices to ensure that he would be well cared for, and then we had to sign several forms. Now, finally, he arrives in his new home”.

We asked senior partner, Michael Buckworth, if there had been any teething issues: “To be honest, very few. He did get over-exuberant this morning and shred some rather confidential documents. But that is to be expected for a lion cub.”

Buckworths will post regular updates on social media under the hashtag #Home4Hamish.